Colorado Casino Revenues Climb in June

The Colorado Department of Revenue confirmed that compared to the same period last year, Colorado casino revenue leaped nearly 2 percent to $63.5 million in June. Last year, the Gaming revenue was $62.3 Million for the month of June.

With $44.986 million in Adjusted Gross Proceeds (AGP) in this year's Gaming Revenue for June being led by the 21 Casinos in the mountain town of Black Hawk. The total amount of all bets made by players, minus players' winnings are the adjusted gross proceeds.

From the gaming community located at the west of Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek's 19 casinos posted $13 million in AGP for the Month.

From Black Hawk's neighboring Casinos in Central City, with it's six casinos, reported $5.4 million in AGP.

The state's 46 Casinos, right on top was the Black Hawk gaming establishments that paid a sum of $8.45 Million, paid a total of $11.1 million in gaming taxes in June.

In each of the previous three months, the state collected roughly $11.2 million in Taxes. The total gaming tax remained basically even for June.

Most of the state's June gaming revenue came from slot machines with $61.2 million, when it comes to types of games. The table games that include poker and Blackjack posted $2.2 million in AGP. Poker had the highest AGP among the table games for the month with $1.65 million.

In the Four Corners area in revenue data, the state doesn't include its two Native American casinos since those casinos don't pay state taxes. The Southern Ute tribe's Sky Ute Casino in Ignacio and the Ute Mountain Casino in Towaoc, owned by the Ute Mountain Ute tribe were those that are not included.